Created BY lighting designers FOR lighting designers, architects, interior designers, contractors and end-users, No. 8 Lighting represents the next generation of precision recessed lighting with stunning design, innovative engineering and easy installation.

No. 8 Lighting products are created with unique built-in features that set them apart in design, functionality, and flexibility from other recessed lighting fixtures.

Modular Architecture: Interchangeable lamp modules offer a greater degree of flexibility with Halogen and LED lamp module options, while the universal housing design accepts round and square trims for most ceiling environments.

Stunning Design: Available in a variety of square or round trim packages, No. 8 Lighting fixtures offer a superior solution to your recessed lighting needs.

The virtually invisible Seamless SeriesTM, the architecturally-inspired Inset SeriesTM , or the unique Bevel SeriesTM are all perfectly suited for a variety of applications.  Whether indoors or outdoors, in plaster, wood, stone or acoustic tile ceilings, No. 8 Lighting fixtures make a statement in style and are offered in a variety of designer finishes including, white, polished nickel, satin nickel, polished brass, satin brass, oil-rubbed bronze and black.

Innovative Engineering: The sleek, modern design has quality engineered components like precision-machined optical adjustment mechanisms, and precision die-cast trim assemblies – which include a unique magnetic trim that is easy to remove for relamping without marring finishes.  A variety of high-quality power source options round out the selection of components ­– creating a custom built downlight that is easy to install and maintain.

Less is more with the virtually invisible Seamless SeriesTM trim kit, which provides maximum lighting impact with minimal visual presence.
Clean, modern and easy to install, the architecturally-inspired Inset SeriesTM trim kit adds a whole new dimension to recessed lighting.
Unexpected, graceful and unique, the Bevel SeriesTM trim kit adds an elegant detail to any ceiling environment.
No. 8 Lighting's unique Gear-Driven Optical Adjustment System features hot aiming capabilities with lock-down mechanisms that ensure precise light focus and delivery.
Re-lamping is easy with No. 8 Lighting's exclusive Magnetic Trim Assembly that is easy to remove and replace without marring finishes.